Your treatment begins with a consultation; your medical history, current state of health and lifestyle are all given careful consideration to determine the oils for you. The oils chosen will be blended into a base oil and then posted to you for use in your bath or a burner.

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Have you been troubled by a recurring dream? Do you believe that dreams can provide you with much needed information? Then a dreamwork consultation is what you need!

Dreams are messages from the deepest, unknown part of ourselves – and an effort to get us to focus on a particular issue or part of our lives. I come from a long line of dreamer/healers and have always followed my own dreams – which brought me to the UK and showed me the way to my calling as a healer.

Find out what messages your dreams are trying to tell you with a dreamwork consultation.

Courses & Workshops

I teach courses in stress management tailored to specific groups – such as unpaid carers, counselors and psychotherapists and parents of young children – showing how vibrational essences are great as emotional support, whether used in a professional or personal setting. The courses are short and interactive and by the end of the course, you will have learned how to choose and use essences with more confidence.

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