Get through the Holidays Naturally

Christmas Pudding

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Do you know how to get through the holidays naturally?

I published these articles last year as part of my Natural Holiday Remedies series — I think you’ll still find the tips useful this holiday.  Whether it’s the relatives, overindulgence or shopping woes, you’ll find … (More)

Smoothing Out the Rough Spots: Aromatherapy for Cellulite

Aromatherapy for natural beauty care has been around nearly as long as humanity – from Cleopatra to today’s top models, oils have been a key ingredient in skin care; from herbs and flower macerated in various vegetable oils to steam-distilled essential oils used today.

Essential oils can be used to … (More)

Spice Up Your Love Life: Valentine’s Series Part 2

Spice Up Your Love Life: Aromatherapy Oils to Turn up the Heat

Bouquet of pink and red roses

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In part 2 of the Valentine’s series, we will turn our attention to aromatherapy oils and the power of smell to turn up the heat in your bedroom…or living room…or kitchen!

Scented oils have … (More)

New Year, New You Series Part 2: The Sweet Smell of Success

Lavender field

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In part 2 of the New Year, New You Series, we turn our attention to aromatherapy – and healing through scent.

The Sweet Smell of Success

Essential oils work by interacting with the limbic system – the oldest and most primitive part of our brains, … (More)

(Natural Aids for) The Day After the Night Before – Part 1

Have you ever considered natural aids for the day after the night before?

Morning Glory flower

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The holiday season is nearly here and prudence and self-discipline seem to go out the window – along with our cash!

In Part 1 of the Natural Holiday Season series, aromatherapy oils will be … (More)