A Naturally Healthier You in 2016

Kick that butt in 2016

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Looking to be a naturally healthier you in 2016?  Then look no further than this page!

As promised, I have re-printed articles from last year which give tips on ways to help you to not only keep your New Year’s resolutions, but leave you feeling better.… (More)

Get through the Holidays Naturally

Christmas Pudding

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Do you know how to get through the holidays naturally?

I published these articles last year as part of my Natural Holiday Remedies series — I think you’ll still find the tips useful this holiday.  Whether it’s the relatives, overindulgence or shopping woes, you’ll find … (More)

Smoothing Out the Rough Spots: Aromatherapy for Cellulite

Aromatherapy for natural beauty care has been around nearly as long as humanity – from Cleopatra to today’s top models, oils have been a key ingredient in skin care; from herbs and flower macerated in various vegetable oils to steam-distilled essential oils used today.

Essential oils can be used to … (More)

Spice Up Your Love Life: Valentine’s Series Part 2

Spice Up Your Love Life: Aromatherapy Oils to Turn up the Heat

Bouquet of pink and red roses

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In part 2 of the Valentine’s series, we will turn our attention to aromatherapy oils and the power of smell to turn up the heat in your bedroom…or living room…or kitchen!

Scented oils have … (More)

New Year, New You Series Part 2: The Sweet Smell of Success

Lavender field

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In part 2 of the New Year, New You Series, we turn our attention to aromatherapy – and healing through scent.

The Sweet Smell of Success

Essential oils work by interacting with the limbic system – the oldest and most primitive part of our brains, … (More)