Colour Your World, Change Your Mood!

Colour Your Moods

The impact of colour is so important that it not only helps us to navigate through our lives, it can also help change and enhance our moods.  Think of the delight of the Holi colour festival in India; it’s literally an explosion of colour that makes people … (More)

Colour Your World…and Your Mood!

Change Your Colour(s) and Your World

Colours are amazing things — they not only enhance the beauty of the world, but can actually have an impact on our moods and our reactions to others.

See that Lady with the Red Dress On…..?

Did you know that some blind people are (More)

Colour Your World – and Change Your Mood!

Change Your Mood by Changing your Colours

Rainbow on water   When you colour your world, did you also realise you are also colouring your mood?  The use of colour is a simple, yet effective way to positively impact your mood.

Colour & Emotions

Think a minute – is it that red dress or … (More)