The Dare to Dream System Kit: Crystals

Crystals and Healing

We are crystalline beings – we have iron in our blood, calcium in our bones, use lithium to control unbalanced mental processes.  It therefore makes sense that crystals – which are also crystalline in nature – will be able to impact our feelings and therefore our behaviour.… (More)

Working Your Last Nerve: Workplace Stress Series Part 3

Rockin’ Your World:  Crystals and Stress Management

In this third and final part of the Workplace Stress series, a look is being taken at the role of crystals play in maintaining our health and wellbeing.


Amethyst cluster

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for both ornamentation and … (More)

Super Pollen Attack Series: Pt 3

Super Pollen Attack Series: Pt 3

various-tumbled-crystals In parts 1 and 2 of the Super Pollen Attack series, herbs and aromatherapy, respectively, were examined for their anti-“super pollen” properties.  In the final part of the series, we’ll be taking a look at healing crystals which can positively impact hayfever symptoms.… (More)

Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes Pt 2

Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes Pt 2

amethyst-clusterIn part 2 of my series Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes, we turn our attention to healing crystals, why they can impact our energy and how they can be used to cool the heat of menopause.



Clear Your Clutter…and Your Mind Pt 2

Clear Your Clutter…and Your Mind Pt 2

amethyst-geodeIn part 1 of the Clear Your Clutter series, the role of essences (as emotional tuning forks and motivators) can help you get moving with that spring cleaning you’ve been meaning to get to and why a clear space can be good for … (More)