Dream Your Life/Live Your Dream Webinar

Entering the Lion’s Den

In this webinar, I work with a client – a new entrepreneur – whose dreams were frightening and troublesome to her.  Find out what happened during the course of our session……


Dream Case Study: A Shipwreck Waiting to Happen



A Frightening Message of Things to Come….

Disaster written in red with descriptions

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A dream saved my life – literally.  Or, rather, a recurring dream for a year kept delivering the same message until I “got” it – thankfully, I did understand the message, or I may very well may not have … (More)

“I Told You So!”: A Dream Case Study

Dreams: Messages from the Unconscious

Female Martial Artist in black outfit

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In this case study, I will demonstrate how dreams can be used to reduce your stress – if you’re willing to take the time to pay attention to the message being sent to you by your unconscious mind.

If you take the time … (More)