The Dare to Dream System Kit: Mudras

Quick Relief…It’s In Your Hands!

Mudras – or hand yoga – are a simple, on-the-go way to bring calm and balance to the mind, as well as alleviate physical symptoms.

Mudras are more than just hand gestures – the word also implies sacred movements and eye gestures in Indian tradition … (More)

Take a Plane and NOT the Strain! Travel Series Part 3

(Un)Winding Yourself Up and Arrive with a Smile

truck on highwayIn the final part of my Travel Series, we’ll be looking at ways you can keep yourself calm when travelling or while on holiday.

While we cannot always control the circumstances of our travel – however much we may wish to! – … (More)

Take a Plane and NOT the Strain! Travel Series Part 2

Prevent Pain on the Plane (and Elsewhere)

train travel in IndiaHolidays are notorious for causing joint problems — due to too much heavy lifting of bags or wearing inappropriate footwear, among other things.  Even the journey itself can do damage, as sitting too long, followed by heavy lifting or even  negotiating sand dunes … (More)

Mudras: Stress-Busting Yoga for Your Hands

Did you know that yoga mudras (hand positions) are excellent for stress-busting on the go?  They are  hand positions (combined with your breath) that can uplift and relax you, as well as helping you  to stay alert at work.  They can be done anywhere (except while driving – unless you … (More)