You Don’t Always Get What You Want but Always Get What You Need

What You Want….Isn’t Necessarily What You Need!

All to often we fixate on that “must have” dress, job, partner, etc.¬† But have you ever considered that you are perfectly placed where you are right now?

Life is about growth and becoming the wonderful beings each of us is meant to … (More)

Taking (Your) Chances

Taking a Chance..To Live Your Dream

Over the last several months – in fact since I went on a retreat to Morocco last November – I have learned to trust myself even more and take chances when they come along to make my dreams come true.

When You’re Clear….You Can


Step Back to Leap Forward: The Importance of Time Out

Draw Back….In Order to Leap Ahead!

A recent – unexpected but much¬† needed! – break in Marrakech reminded me of the importance of taking time out… or as they say in French, “reculer pour mieux sauter” – to fall back in order to make a better leap ahead.

I was … (More)