Feel Full, Look Good: Healthier Living Series Pt 2

Try the Nordic Track

female-on-treadmill-at-gymNo – not the exercise machine!  In part 1 of the Feel Full, Look Good: Healthier Living Series  a look at was taken at how you can cut down on your eating while still feeling satisfied.  In part 2 of the series, a look at how … (More)

The Essence(s) of Memory: Memory Series Pt 3

The Essence(s) of Memory

texas-bluebonnet-flower In the third and final part of my Memory Series, we turn our attention to flower and vibrational essences which, besides being excellent emotional supports in little bottles, can also help encourage recall and stimulate memory.


Memory Enhancing Tips

Here are a few more … (More)

Crystal Clear Memory: Memory Series Part 2

Crystal Clear Memory

labradorite_crystalIn part 2 of my Memory Series, we turn our attention to crystals and their ability to help enhance recall and memory.

But before taking a look at the memory-boosting crystals below, here’s a few tips to help sharpen your memory:

  • Speak Up – According to

Sweet Memories: Memory Series Pt 1

Sweet Memories….Where Did They Go?

A romatherapy burner with lit candle

Photo: nuchylee freedigitalphotos.net

In this series, we will look at simple techniques and natural healing methods to help enhance memory and recall.  In part 1, aromatherapy will be the focus – learn how sweet smells can encourage a better memory.

When we’re young, our brains … (More)