Valentine’s Day the Natural Way

Valentine’s Day the Natural Way

Valentine’s Day – when thoughts of love and romance occupy people’s thoughts, while the day empties their pockets.  There is more than chocolates (fattening) and flowers (prohibitively expensive) available to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

There is another way – the natural (low-cost) way!

Spice Up Your


Spice Up Your Love Life: Valentine’s Series Part 3

Spice Up Your Love Life with Flower/Vibrational Essences

Red Hibiscus flower

Photo: S Balgobin
Sprit of Makasutu Essences


In the final part of the Valentine’s Series, we turn our attention to flower and vibrational essences, which can help “fine tune” our emotions and help us to relate better to both ourselves and … (More)

Spice Up Your (Love) Life: Valentine’s Day Series Part 1

Spice Up Your (Love) Life!

Damiana Flower

Photo: Damiana flower
Wikipedia Commons

In this first part of the 3-part Valentine’s Day Series, a look will be taken at common herbs you can find in your supermarket or farmer’s market stall which can help enhance your love life.

Herbs, on the other hand, … (More)