Working Your Last Nerve: Workplace Stress Series Part 2

The Essence(s) of Calm



In this second part of the Workplace Stress series, flower and vibratonal essences are examined for the different ways in which they can help reduce workplace stress.

Essences are a wonderful stress-busting aid as they do not interfere with any treatment or medication being … (More)

The Essence(s) of Memory: Memory Series Pt 3

The Essence(s) of Memory

texas-bluebonnet-flower In the third and final part of my Memory Series, we turn our attention to flower and vibrational essences which, besides being excellent emotional supports in little bottles, can also help encourage recall and stimulate memory.


Memory Enhancing Tips

Here are a few more … (More)

Daring to Dream: Flower Essences and Self Confidence

Daring to Dream: Flower Essences and Self Confidence

Yellow Hibiscus Essence

Photo: S Balgobin

On Interntional Women’s Day (8 March) I was struck by two articles I read – one which suggested that women should be encouraged to play team sports to help them be more competitive in later life; the other article … (More)

Clear Your Clutter…and Your Mind Pt 1

Clear Your Clutter…and Your Mind Pt 1


Orange Oleander – Photo: S Balgobin

“A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind” – so the saying goes, but I would suggest that the opposite is actually true — a clean desk can actually be indicative of a healthy outlook … (More)

Good Vibrations: Flower Essences and Emotional Health Pt 1

Good Vibrations: Flower Essences and Emotional Health

lavender african essences

Lavender helps relieve stress and anger (African Essences)


In this series, a look will be taken at the role of flower and vibrational essences (collectively referred to as “essences”) in assisting in emotional support and inner growth. First, however, let’s look at … (More)