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Sea Grape

Sea Grape Essence – I first had a feeling of being put into 4th gear when I had been stuck in 1st for a while. I began to sort out and organise again, and then really had a good clear out of old clothes and shoes realising that quite a few of my things were ill-fitting. I also went and bought myself some new clothes. This felt really good without feeling me the usual guilt that I get when I buy new clothes. 18th Jan, more new clothes! A big clear out of old clothes and again I bought more new clothes. (But not as many as I got rid of).

White Hawk, White Hawk Medicine Lodge



Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus                         Photo: S Balgobin

“I was facing major writer’s block when my dissertation was due but Sheila’s phone consultations and flower essences helped me with motivation and focus. It was useful to clarify which qualities I needed and how things had changed since the last consultation. I liked having the support of the flower essences blend on hand throughout a stressful time. “
Student, London


“Thank you again for sending me this flower essences blend.  I have to say that again it has had an immediate effect on me.  I received it on a Friday and I started to take it that night.  I felt quite teary for my gerbil who had recently died (I hadn’t felt the tears since his actual death).  Then all sorts of thoughts kept rolling around and eventually I found myself that Sunday morning waking up and having a moment of clarity where I thought – ‘I need a foster father to help the part of me that didn’t get the nurturing it needed’.

Sheila, I thank you so much for putting this blend together, thank you thank you thank you.  I also thank the plants on a daily basis because I am so utterly grateful for them working with me.  They are pretty amazing and so incredibly generous.”                                             VN, London, UK

“There has been a great change; [I’m not] bad tempered….learning to look after myself more instead of others.”                                                                                                      BH, Cook

“I feel I’m more assertive and less aggressive…I feel more confident in myself.”                   KT, Special Needs Care Worker

“My family (husband & boys) have noticed that I do not loose (sic) my temper like before. My husband aIso noticed I that am sleeping better and thinking about myself more. He also noticed I am becoming more assertive.”                                                    HM, Day Centre Assistant Manager


Aromatherapy burner with lit candle

Photo: nuchylee   freedigitalphotos.net

“Having spent eight years in London I stumbled upon the Ladbroke Rooms where I drawn to Sheila as massage therapist. My monthly visits lasted two years and I thoroughly looked forward to each session. Sheila has a unique way of developing oils to respond to my emotions and physical needs. The combination of oil and massage relaxation technique stays with you long after the session is over! Sheila kindly introduced me to different therapies and as a Reiki Master I asked her to teach me the first steps. Through her intuitiveness, encouragement and teaching technique I thoroughly enjoyed the session. Now that I am based over 500 miles away I contact Sheila in every eventuality to make flower essences to ease or enhance an emotion or ailment and I can’t recommend her enough to people as there is no end to her talents!”                       KP, Edinburgh, UK

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Sheila,

    I really would like to thank you again for your support and valuable information provided during a very trying time.

    After having my second panic attack in the tube and ending up at A&E, I really did not feel like myself. I couldn’t eat, felt lightheaded, frightened and confused as to the reason behind all of it. Sheila was very supportive and put together an essence formula that really worked for me. I feel so much more relaxed and confident knowing I have a safety net to get me through.

    Thank you again 🙂

  2. I picked the essence Pink Oleander from a box with name unseen by me & took the drops twice a day until the bottle was nearly empty. Immediately I noticed that when I was emotionally very speedy almost chaotic as I had so many ideas in my head, I calmed down and got on with what I needed to do rather than the endless lists I make for myself to keep,me on track! I then enjoyed my day and changed my agenda to a more fruitful one for me! I have kep a few drops in the bottle which I now roll on my forehead to keep me light!

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