Dream Your Life/Live Your Dream


Dream Your Life…The Key to Your Future!

From ancient times dreams have been recognised as putting us in touch with the wider universe – both without and within ourselves.  Empires and battles have been won or lost because of the belief in the power of dreams.Dreams come from the deepest part of ourselves – the part that is connected to what is called the “collective unconscious” or “universal mind” that exists in all of us.

We simply cannot process all of the billions of messages we receive from everything and everyone around us – our conscious minds cannot multi-task to that extent!  However, the unconscious mind can perceive all that is happening….and store the information, in case you may have need of it.

Living Your Dream(s)

If you think dreams are just a result of a dodgy dinner, you could be right!

However, if you look at your dreams as a way of the wider world helping you to focus on on the matters that are most beneficial to you (or conversely, avoid those things, people and places that are not good for you!), you’re missing out on a great opportunity to actually live the life that is best suited for who you are!

But I Don’t/Can’t Remember My Dreams

This short video will provide some useful information about a simple system that helps you to harness the power of your dreams.

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Accepting Praise Because You’re Worth It

Do You Have Praise-a-phobia?

beautiful-stencilled-on-drawn-handOver the past twenty years of living in the UK, there seems to be a particular phenomenon that I’ve almost come to see as a quintessential English personality trait – praise-a-phobia, that is a fear or dislike of accepting compliments!

It seems to be particularly acute among women – blushes, a mumbled thanks under the breath, or a nervously delivered return compliment.

I often have observed – and experienced – giving someone a compliment, for it to be immediately turned into a self-deprecating remark, e.g. “Oh, I’m not very good…or skilled…or…or..”!

It’s as almost as people don’t believe they deserve praise — or that to receive it is a sign of egotism.  I’d love to know WHY that is – if anyone has any insight as to the origin of such an attitude, please do let me know!

Having the Confidence to Believe You Deserve Praise

blackboard-with-believe-in-yourselfIf you go into a restaurant and have a really stellar meal — wouldn’t you compliment the chef — and/or tell your friends about your great dinner?  Why should it be any different for you?

I believe it was Mark Twain who said, “I could go all day on a single compliment!” and it’s true – think about the instances when you were complimented on your favourite dress or shirt, or how delicious the food at your party was…doesn’t it make you feel good inside?

Perhaps it’s just lack of practice — and reciprocity.  When we are prepared to praise others, we will be “bigged up” by others.

Being Celebrated is a Gift – Accept It!

Allow people to give you the gift of praise — don’t throw the gift back in their face by downplaying or outright rubbishing it!  It is a gift and blessing for both the giver and receiver – and should be treated as such.

A simple “Thank You” will do very nicely!

The short video below suggests some flower and vibrational essences which can help with self-confidence – which is key to being able to accept compliments.

After all, you deserve it!

Time Out or Burn Out?

Burning the Candle (and Yourself!) at Both Ends

lady-pouring-teaWhile the fast pace of modern life demands we move and think quickly – our brains and nervous system developed at a time when life moved much more slowly — and we find we can’t cope with the new, relentless pace!

Occasionally, we get reminded that our body — and mind and spirit too! – must have some time out.

Walking the (Temporarily Forgotten) Talk



I was reminded in a very painful way – that having my own way was not moving things along more quickly; in fact, I ended up being slowed down!



Find out what happened to me when I forgot my own basic advice to others about making time for myself….

Letting Go in Order to Flow

That Poor Horse…..

Don’t you feel sorry for him?  I’m talking about that horse that’s already given up the ghost, yet you keep on beating it?

As long as you’re focused on that horse, you’ll never see the person offering assistance when they pass by!

Sometimes, you just have to know when to say “enough”.

Holding Your Position….May Be Holding You Back

Could it be your stubborness is the very reason you’re unable to move forward?  Sometimes the action we take or position we adopt ends up causing us stress unnecessarily; it may very well be that the direction you’re taking isn’t actually going to take you where you wish to go!

Sometimes, we need to just stop….before jumping headlong into somethng that may not be beneficial for us.  We also need to trust ourselves to know what is truly best for us.

However, in order to take stock, you need to LET GO — all of your pre-conceived notions about how things should be or what they will look like.  When you remove your more limited view of the world, the possibility of a greater — and grander! — vision has space to appear.

In the short video below, I look at the issue of letting go — and why we can’t move forward until we do.


Be Here, Be NOW

Who (or What) are We Listening To?

burned-out-woman-multitaskingThere’s so much to distract our attention these days – we live in what is called the Information Age — I would suggest that it should be more accurately described as the too much information age!

From the constant pinging of mobile phones and endless selfies, a conversation with a friend (who, by the way is sitting next to you!) becomes a three-way, as your companion constantly chats to other people.

I don’t know about you, but that annoys me to no end!  I just find it extremely rude – granted, urgent calls need to be dealt with immediately, but anything else….that’s what voicemail is for!  If you are going to sit down in front of me, BE WITH ME!  Sorry for the rant, but I really feel people have got to practice a bit more phone etiquette……

We have forgotten how to be PRESENT.

The Power of Paying Attention

Do you realise that 80% of our communication is non-verbal….or that you will be given that job (or not!) within the first 5 minutes of your interview beginning?

woman-silhouette-mindfulness-wordsRecruiters not only look at your appearance, but the way you carry yourself – do you look interested or bored?  Did you do your homework on the company in order to ask a question (at least one!) about the company?  They’re looking to see whether you are fully engaged and present at the interview!  If in 5 minutes’ time you haven’t made the grade, your interview will soon be over…and so will your job opportunity!


The short video below looks at the issue of being present, and how and why it is vital — whether you’re a student, a business owner or just going about your daily life.

Communication: More than Just Words!

The Lost Art of Conversation

With so much technology these days, the art of face to face communication is becoming increasingly lost – to the point where young people are actually afraid of direct communication, i.e. going to a job interview is a terrifying prospect!  We’ve become so used to having a piece of hardware do the talking for us that the ability to share emotions becomes reduced to emojis or

writing in capital letters…..

When Communicating, Think…Travel

For better communication, think about when you travel….why?

You use your heart (and a lot of facial and hand gestures!) to communicate!restiing_tourists


I remember a lovely, chance encounter while on holiday some years ago…and while I couldn’t speak the language of the person I spoke to, we had a lovely conversation anyway!


The short video below talks about that experience and what we need to truly communicate with one another.