Get that Monkey Off Your Back: Addiction Series Pt 1

Get that Monkey Off Your Back:  Addiction Series Pt 1


In Part 1 of my 2-part series, Get that Monkey Off Your Back, we’ll take a look at the diverse forms that addiction can take as well as suggestions of how to reduce and eliminate dependency.

An Unhappy Soul Leads to an Imprisoned Soul

What exactly, causes an addiction?

cocaine-addictionThere are many reasons that people become addicted to something or someone – from chemical imbalances to recovery from surgery to emotional neediness, addictions – whatever form they take – are the soul’s attempt to heal itself.  The fancy term is “self-medication” – but someone in the throes of their addiction would probably call it “easing the pain”.  Whatever it’s called, the addict’s soul becomes locked in a self-perpetuating prison, where MORE (drink, drugs, clothes, work, etc) is never enough.

While addictions are extremely difficult to give up on one’s own and really require the help of a health professional and/or professional counselling, you can start to take control of your life by exercising a bit of self-care, e.g. exercise, a healthier diet, making new (sober) friends, etc.  We’ll take a look at healing crystals and how they can be helpful in reducing or even eliminating addictive behaviour.

Crystals to Remove the Monkey

Below are some suggested crystals which can help you find the inner resources needed to get the monkey off your back:

In Essence It’s Up to You

In part 2 of the Get that Monkey Off Your Back series, flower and vibrational essences to help combat addictions will be examined.