Super Pollen Attack Series: Pt 3

Super Pollen Attack Series: Pt 3

various-tumbled-crystals In parts 1 and 2 of the Super Pollen Attack series, herbs and aromatherapy, respectively, were examined for their anti-“super pollen” properties.  In the final part of the series, we’ll be taking a look at healing crystals which can positively impact hayfever symptoms.

A Few More Super Pollen Busting Tips

Before we get into super pollen busting crystals, here are a few more low-tech tips to help protect yourself during hayfever season:

  • Eat curry:  Curry made with plenty of garlic, ginger and chili will open up nasal passages; turmeric is anti-inflammatory in nature and may reduce inflammation related to the enzyme A2 in the body, which is stimulated by pollen.
  • Eat honey: Honey contains pollen and some people find that eating honey from their local area seems to reduce sensitivity
  • Keep track of time: Avoid being outdoors in the morning and evening, when plants are most likely to produce pollen.
  • Eat Your Fruit & Veg: Onions, apples and pineapples all contain quercetin, which is believed to prevent the inflammation associated with hayfever.

Super Pollen Busting Crystals to the Rescue

apataite-necklaceYou may never have thought of using crystals to help reduce hayfever symptoms – believe me, I’m proof that they work!  Some years ago I discovered this when I was suffering with hayfever/asthma while making essences in Africa.  I simply touched a photo of an apophyllite crystal and almost immediately coughed up a lot of phlegm!  I admit I may be more sensitive than the average person, but crystals work with everyone — as long as you have an open mind and remember that crystals generally work slowly and over time!

Below are some crystals which address underlying emotional factors which may trigger hayfever and other autoimmune problems: