Get that Monkey Off Your Back: Addiction Series Pt 2

Get that Monkey Off Your Back: Addiction Series Pt 2

In part 1 of my series Get that Monkey Off Your Back, we looked briefly at why people become addicted and how healing crystals can help.

In part 2 we will be turning our attention to the underlying emotions that lead to addictions, as well as the flower and vibrational essences that can be used to address those emotions.

Different Symptoms, Same Problem…..Something’s Missing

I believe that addictions are as individual as the people experiencing it; however, I have come to understand that ALL addictions have the same root; addictions are the soul’s cries for healing and help, a need to fill an empty space with something, with anything that takes the pain away.

Traditional addictions, i.e. alcohol, drugs and work, are being replaced by new ones: social media and smart phones are the new kids on the block and the collateral damage they cause is just as devastating as the addiction itself – kids afraid to speak to people face to face because they’re addicted to texting and addiction to “perfect” selfies (recognise yourself there?)

Nature doesn’t like a vacuum, so if there’s an empty space in our souls, something will fill it – whether that something is positive or negative depends on the person.

Below are some suggested flower and vibrational essences to address the underlying emotional factors to addictions: