Communication: More than Just Words!

The Lost Art of Conversation

With so much technology these days, the art of face to face communication is becoming increasingly lost – to the point where young people are actually afraid of direct communication, i.e. going to a job interview is a terrifying prospect!  We’ve become so used to having a piece of hardware do the talking for us that the ability to share emotions becomes reduced to emojis or

writing in capital letters…..

When Communicating, Think…Travel

For better communication, think about when you travel….why?

You use your heart (and a lot of facial and hand gestures!) to communicate!restiing_tourists


I remember a lovely, chance encounter while on holiday some years ago…and while I couldn’t speak the language of the person I spoke to, we had a lovely conversation anyway!


The short video below talks about that experience and what we need to truly communicate with one another.