Letting Go in Order to Flow

That Poor Horse…..

Don’t you feel sorry for him?  I’m talking about that horse that’s already given up the ghost, yet you keep on beating it?

As long as you’re focused on that horse, you’ll never see the person offering assistance when they pass by!

Sometimes, you just have to know when to say “enough”.

Holding Your Position….May Be Holding You Back

Could it be your stubborness is the very reason you’re unable to move forward?  Sometimes the action we take or position we adopt ends up causing us stress unnecessarily; it may very well be that the direction you’re taking isn’t actually going to take you where you wish to go!

Sometimes, we need to just stop….before jumping headlong into somethng that may not be beneficial for us.  We also need to trust ourselves to know what is truly best for us.

However, in order to take stock, you need to LET GO — all of your pre-conceived notions about how things should be or what they will look like.  When you remove your more limited view of the world, the possibility of a greater — and grander! — vision has space to appear.

In the short video below, I look at the issue of letting go — and why we can’t move forward until we do.