Accepting Praise Because You’re Worth It

Do You Have Praise-a-phobia?

beautiful-stencilled-on-drawn-handOver the past twenty years of living in the UK, there seems to be a particular phenomenon that I’ve almost come to see as a quintessential English personality trait – praise-a-phobia, that is a fear or dislike of accepting compliments!

It seems to be particularly acute among women – blushes, a mumbled thanks under the breath, or a nervously delivered return compliment.

I often have observed – and experienced – giving someone a compliment, for it to be immediately turned into a self-deprecating remark, e.g. “Oh, I’m not very good…or skilled…or…or..”!

It’s as almost as people don’t believe they deserve praise — or that to receive it is a sign of egotism.  I’d love to know WHY that is – if anyone has any insight as to the origin of such an attitude, please do let me know!

Having the Confidence to Believe You Deserve Praise

blackboard-with-believe-in-yourselfIf you go into a restaurant and have a really stellar meal — wouldn’t you compliment the chef — and/or tell your friends about your great dinner?  Why should it be any different for you?

I believe it was Mark Twain who said, “I could go all day on a single compliment!” and it’s true – think about the instances when you were complimented on your favourite dress or shirt, or how delicious the food at your party was…doesn’t it make you feel good inside?

Perhaps it’s just lack of practice — and reciprocity.  When we are prepared to praise others, we will be “bigged up” by others.

Being Celebrated is a Gift – Accept It!

Allow people to give you the gift of praise — don’t throw the gift back in their face by downplaying or outright rubbishing it!  It is a gift and blessing for both the giver and receiver – and should be treated as such.

A simple “Thank You” will do very nicely!

The short video below suggests some flower and vibrational essences which can help with self-confidence – which is key to being able to accept compliments.

After all, you deserve it!