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Are You Getting Enough of What You Need?

I’d like to tell you about something that is new to me and my business but has really sparked simply naturals adan interest and got me very excited to share with you all – hence this email.  It has helped a great many people already with their health and wellbeing, I am humbled at all the lovely testimonials I have been getting, and want this to be a core part of how I can support you all with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

For those of you not on Facebook or Twitter let me introduce you to Sizzling Minerals by Simply Naturals.

This is the company Brochure: Booklet  and website:

What are the benefits?

I personally noticed a benefit almost immediately and was totally blown away by the physical and mental responses. I have found that my skin has improved, I have more energy, I don’t wake up stiff in the mornings any more, the circles under my eyes have lightened and my brain seems to work even faster than usual and with a lot more clarity and breadth of vision.

I then started to share them with family and friends to find they were getting similar results. So far everyone is experiencing some level of benefit (Benefits included better skin, more energy, better sleep, fewer mood swings, faster recovery after sports training or competition, reduced IBS, better digestion and reduced or even eliminated aches and pains!).

To try and share the experiences testimonials and research I have done, I have set up a Facebook group where I am sharing this information for you to make up your own minds.

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Not Just a Way of Life – A Way of Doing Business

Just to be totally transparent if you order I get commission from the company but there is no way I’d be sending out this email unless I was 100% sure that this stuff works for me and for lots of other people, so please if what I have talked about connects with you please give it a go:

If you’d like to know how you could earn commission yourself please contact me and I’ll happily explain more.


Feel Full, Look Good: Healthier Living Series Pt 1

Feeling Full and Looking Good

It doesn’t necesssarily follow that eating more calories make you feel full….you could actually say that eating more calories just makes you….well, fat – especially if you are not indulging in enough activity to burn off the additional calories!

Feeling more full doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself — or even deprive yourself of things you like!  A look at some of the items that may be in your food basket provides some ideas:

Dark Chocolate

pieces-dark-chocolateDark chocolate  between meals helped people eat up to 17 percent fewer calories at their next meal, according to a small study conducted bythe University of Copenhagen. I absolutely LOVE dark chocolate — because it’s good for asthma (yes, it’s true!), due to the active ingredient, theobroma (expectorant and soothing).  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!


An apple a day for a month, may no longer keep the doctor away (see my related post), but it may encourage you to eat less by increasing your “fullness hormones”, according to scientists at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen.  Over a 28-day period, the pectin in the apples (which contain the hormones) helped reduce appetite and cut food intake.


porridge-with-blueberries-and-cut-muffinOats used in porridge are twice as filling as the same weight of oats in muesli – why? The soluble fibre in the oats combines with heat and liquid to create a paste-like texture – which will sit in your stomach for longer than refined breakfast cereal.  It really is food that “sticks to your ribs”!


mixed-nutsIn particular, pistachios and peanuts (monkey nuts) are great for staving off hunger, but all nuts and seeds are great for the protein and fibre they provide and therefore great hunger-beaters.  Getting them in the shell is even better, because that will slow you down even more!

Banana Smoothies

two-bananas-apple-and-smoothieWhen the volume of food or drink is increased, it helps fool the brain into thinking less is more, creating a sense of increased fullness.  A vigorously whisked smoothie made of a banana and milk (or milk substitute) not only creates a frothy drink, but it looks bigger too – a visual prompt that signals “more”.

Healthier Living Series Part 2: The Nordic Track

In part 2 of the Healthier Living Series, a look at how it’s done in Scandinavia — find out how going Norse can add ten years to your life!

Junk Food: Junk Body and Mind?

Junk Food:  Jinx on Body and Mind

bacon-burgerA recent study undertaken at the University of Queensland suggested that a diet rich in saturated fats and carbohydrates showed signs of osteoarthritis (the wearing over time of the cartilage between joints). The study, conducted on rats, also indicated that the junk food group were fatter and had liver problems.  The study seems to indicate that the diet may be contributing to the onset of osteoarthritis.  One might say that the heavier weight leads to stress on the joints, causing greater wear more quickly.

Yet another study at the Boston University School of Medicine, conducted over ten years, indicates that just one diet drink a day can triple the risk of a stroke and that people consuming the beverages are 2.9 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s (my emphasis).

You Only Get Out What You’ve Put In

We truly ARE what we eat — and even an organic diet is no guarantee that you will be healthy these days: mineral depletion of the soil in the US currently stands at 87%, while in Europe the figure is 79% and there are similar figures all over the world.   It’s really quite simple – if it isn’t in the soil, it isn’t going to be in us, whether directly or via animals consuming plants in the soil.

Correcting the Imbalance


Even organic food isn’t enough for good nutrition

Good health, however, is not just about what is eaten; it’s also about the quality of what is eaten.  The de-mineralisation of soil is so serious, that even an organic diet is not sufficient to provide all the minerals that the body requires for cell growth and repair. But there are things you can do to correct the balance.

To find out more, book a free mini-consultation with me on You Can Book Me

Dying to Look Good: Cosmetics and Breast Cancer

If You Can’t Pronounce It, Don’t Use It!

BreastCancerUKPosterThe amount of chemicals in cosmetics is truly astonishing — and all of them unpronounceable – I don’t know about you, but I like to know exactly what’s going in or on me!  There are so many chemicals in common cosmetics these days, that I couldn’t even list them all; but you can use the poster from Breast Cancer UK on the right to find out what to avoid.

Remember – if you’ll possibly chip a tooth trying to pronounce the ingredients in your cosmetic bag, ditch it!

Cosmetics and Breast Cancer: the Connection

In order to reduce your risk of exposure to chemicals that may be linked to breast cancer, the best thing to do is to avoid them as much as possible.  It will mean a bit of research and a bit of a change to your habits, but isn’t your health worth it?

I know from my own experience of using commercial deodorant/antiperpirant products that my lymph system was clogged — a colleague and fellow reflexologist indicated during a treatment that the points for my lymphatic system were sluggish.  I stopped using commercially made products at that point and began using plant based or other natural alternatives.  Some months later, another reflexology treatment revealed that my lymph system was no longer sluggish. That may be anecdotal evidence for some, but it was enough to convince me!

Safer Alternatives to Commercial Products

As an aromatherapist and flower essence producer, I’m often asked to create made-to-order blends for birthdays, Christmas, etc. and they’re always a big hit, because they are all personalised for the user. There are reputable courses out there that teach you how to make your own cosmetics, whether you’re an aromatherapist or not!

Check out reputable schools or your local college for courses to learn how to make your own cosmetics (you’ll save money too!) – just search online for natural or organic cosmetics.  You may also want to have a look at vegan-friendly products too.

Remember – if you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t use it – because you are oh, SO worth it!

Help Support The Each One Teach One (EOTO) Mentoring Programme

Each One Teach Ome (EOTO) Mentoring Programme

I hope you’ll support this worthwhile programme,which I started seven years ago, which provides support for Black and Asian psychotherapy and counselling students.

The EOTO Programme Explained

In this short video, find out a bit more about EOTO and how it works:

Why Should  You Support this Programme?

This programme is close to my heart, as I founded it seven years ago(!) in response to my own lack of support during my psychotherapy training – I nearly dropped out at the end of the course!  Thankfully, I turned my “lemons” into lemonade for dozens of other students – but we need YOUR help!

We have a crowdfunding initiative which will help keep the programme up and running, pay for advertising and support groups around the UK – whatever you can contribute, however large or small, will be greatly appreciated!  The link is below:

No Pain, All Gain: Exercise without Injury

Stretch Your Body – Not Your Limits!

Whether you do yoga or run marathons, training in the RIGHT way is vital — what’s the use in making all that effort, to end up spending weeks or even months out of commission because you pushed yourself too hard — or in the wrong way?


woman-runningI know from my own experience that stretch is vital to staying injury free — despite being the oldest person in my martial arts class(!) I have never been seriously injured in 17 years of playing capoeira (Brazilian martial arts) – WHY?  I would arrive at least 20 minutes before class to stretch and warm my muscles before class — and would make sure I stretched gently again when I was done! (And I’m still the oldest person in my class!)

Common Sports Injuries – and How to Avoid Them

Below are a few tips to avoid injuries while engaging in various sports:

Sport Injury How to Avoid
Yoga Low back pain Build up to any yoga asana (movement) SLOWLY; use foam rollers to help with the mobility of your spine
Running Runner’s knee Poor running technique and week glutes are a factor – do squats and bridges (be careful!) to strengthen the muscles
Cycling Neck pain, stiff back Try using a foam roller to loosen your muscles before and after riding
Swimming Shoulder pain Overuse of certain muscles can cause inflammation – moderation is the key!
Weight training  Low Back Pain Poor technique or weights that are too heavy – don’t strain!
Aerobics Sprained ankle Inappropriate footwear is usually the culprit – always buy footwear in the evening (feet swell during the day) and make sure they fit properly to support your ankles
Tennis Tennis elbow This is a repetitive strain injury (RSI) – the only remedy is REST and possible massage