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Are You Getting Enough of What You Need?

I’d like to tell you about something that is new to me and my business but has really sparked simply naturals adan interest and got me very excited to share with you all – hence this email.  It has helped a great many people already with their health and wellbeing, I am humbled at all the lovely testimonials I have been getting, and want this to be a core part of how I can support you all with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

For those of you not on Facebook or Twitter let me introduce you to Sizzling Minerals by Simply Naturals.

This is the company Brochure: Booklet  and website:

What are the benefits?

I personally noticed a benefit almost immediately and was totally blown away by the physical and mental responses. I have found that my skin has improved, I have more energy, I don’t wake up stiff in the mornings any more, the circles under my eyes have lightened and my brain seems to work even faster than usual and with a lot more clarity and breadth of vision.

I then started to share them with family and friends to find they were getting similar results. So far everyone is experiencing some level of benefit (Benefits included better skin, more energy, better sleep, fewer mood swings, faster recovery after sports training or competition, reduced IBS, better digestion and reduced or even eliminated aches and pains!).

To try and share the experiences testimonials and research I have done, I have set up a Facebook group where I am sharing this information for you to make up your own minds.

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Not Just a Way of Life – A Way of Doing Business

Just to be totally transparent if you order I get commission from the company but there is no way I’d be sending out this email unless I was 100% sure that this stuff works for me and for lots of other people, so please if what I have talked about connects with you please give it a go:

If you’d like to know how you could earn commission yourself please contact me and I’ll happily explain more.


Sweet Memories: Memory Series Pt 1

Sweet Memories….Where Did They Go?

A romatherapy burner with lit candle

Photo: nuchylee

In this series, we will look at simple techniques and natural healing methods to help enhance memory and recall.  In part 1, aromatherapy will be the focus – learn how sweet smells can encourage a better memory.

When we’re young, our brains have more plasticity, i.e. neural pathways are still in development and we learn and remember things more easily.  As we age, however, it’s as if the brain has to “discard” memories (or at least bury them deeply!) to make room for newer memories.  Strangely enough, as we grow older our long-term memory seems to remain, while short term memory (e.g. “Did I eat breakfast?” “Did I turn off the cooker?”) fades.

While it appears that some memory loss is a function of age – it doesn’t HAVE to be!

Sharpen Up Your Recall

A study by researchers at Northumbria University found that students could improve their exam performance by using Rosemary essential oil – just like the ancient Greeks and Shakespeare pointed out!  Remember the phrase, “Rosemary is for remembrance”?  Rosemary is fabulous  for studying – but avoid it if you suffer with epilepsy or are subject to seizures.

Flower Petals and essential oil in bowlA few simple tips can help improve your ability to strengthen your memory, such as:

  • Review information just before going to sleep – as there are fewer “new” memories to interfere, you will remember it more easily the next day.
  • Say your ABCs – going through the alphabet  to identify the first letter of the word or name when you can’t remember something (e.g. the name of a actor)
  • Ditch the drink – While alcohol may help you to sleep, it also disturbs your rest by disrupting the natural stages of sleep – which in turns hampers memory and concentration.

Sweet Memories:  Aromatherapy for Memory Boosting

Below are some suggested essential oils for improving concentration and boosting your memory.

To be able to get the best results, a consultation with a qualfied aromatherapist (like me!) will make blends that are specifically for your individual situation!

Memory Series Part 2: Crystal Clear Memory

In part 2 of the Memory Series, we will turn our attention to the power of healing crystals to help boost memory.

Free Preview of My Poetry on Amazon

Preview My New Poetry Book on Amazon

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Cut Down on TV – and Calories

Cut Down On TV – and Calories



A read through the newspapers recently brought some rather sad – and frightening – statistics about watching TV and your weight.


Did you know that:

  • Avoiding eating while watching TV can help you lose weight six times faster?

Slimmers who practice mindfulness when they eat – i.e. paying attention to your food without distraction – shed on average 2kg (4 lb) in 15 weeks, according to a North Carolina State University study.  In addition:

  • 39% of young British adults are classified as overweight or obese, representing a rise of more than 50% over 22 years ago – making it quite likely that this generation will be unhealthier and die earlier than their parents or grandparents.

But the news isn’t all doom and gloom; so what’s up on the plus side?

Eat Your Veggies and Lose the Lard

Cutting down your meat consumption and being a part-time vegetarian (a “flexitarian”) may help reduce obesity; a study found that people who ate high amounts of fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and olive oil were 43% LESS likely to be obese – and the if they avoid potatoes the effect was even greater.  A recent Spanish study, presented at the European Congress on Obesity found that avoiding too much meat boosted the chances of staying slim.  The study suggested that plant-based diets are  are associated with a markedly lower risk of developing obesity.

But it’s not just the type of food that’s essential to avoid obesity – the quality of the food is of vital importance.  Unfortunately, even an organic vegetarian diet isn’t enough! Even if you ate everything in this shopping cart  every day (and it was organic!) you wouldn’t be getting the nutrients you need!


If it Ain’t in the Soil, It Ain’t in US!

cutting_board_tapemeasureSoil mineral depletion – which scientists have been warning about for years – is the problem.

The problem is world-wide – in the US mineral depletion of the soil is some 87%, while in Europe it is about 78% and it is getting worse, with other countries and continents not far behind.  Intensive farming practices and the use of pesticides and other chemicals are not only impacting the soil, but everything that feeds itself from it: from the cattle that eat vegetable matter to the people that consume the cattle or vegetables grown in the soil.  The plants, in effect, “pre-digest” the minerals in the soil, making them 100% bio-available when we ingest the plants – or the animals that ingested the plants.

This demineralised soil may also be contributing to the obesity epidemic – the lack of nutrients in our food may mean that we eat more to get the essential minerals and vitamins we require for cell growth and repair.

But there IS something you can do about it!

Get Healthy and Lose Weight at the Same Time

Simply Weight Loss is a plant-based nutritional supplement from Simply Naturals, made from dinosaur-age(!) plant material – laid down before the last Ice Age, when there was more oxygen in the air and the soil was rich with minerals.  We need a minimum of 60 essential and trace minerals for optimum health; sadly, most over-the-counter supplements don’t contain that many.  Simply Weight Loss provides 75 essential and trace minerals – over and beyond the minimum required.

It helps you to lose weight by providing the minerals your body requires to function at it’s best – and when you have the minerals you need, you no longer crave more food to get them!




To find out more and to order – just click on the photo!


Get that Monkey Off Your Back: Addiction Series Pt 2

Get that Monkey Off Your Back: Addiction Series Pt 2

In part 1 of my series Get that Monkey Off Your Back, we looked briefly at why people become addicted and how healing crystals can help.

In part 2 we will be turning our attention to the underlying emotions that lead to addictions, as well as the flower and vibrational essences that can be used to address those emotions.

Different Symptoms, Same Problem…..Something’s Missing

I believe that addictions are as individual as the people experiencing it; however, I have come to understand that ALL addictions have the same root; addictions are the soul’s cries for healing and help, a need to fill an empty space with something, with anything that takes the pain away.

Traditional addictions, i.e. alcohol, drugs and work, are being replaced by new ones: social media and smart phones are the new kids on the block and the collateral damage they cause is just as devastating as the addiction itself – kids afraid to speak to people face to face because they’re addicted to texting and addiction to “perfect” selfies (recognise yourself there?)

Nature doesn’t like a vacuum, so if there’s an empty space in our souls, something will fill it – whether that something is positive or negative depends on the person.

Below are some suggested flower and vibrational essences to address the underlying emotional factors to addictions:


Get that Monkey Off Your Back: Addiction Series Pt 1

Get that Monkey Off Your Back:  Addiction Series Pt 1


In Part 1 of my 2-part series, Get that Monkey Off Your Back, we’ll take a look at the diverse forms that addiction can take as well as suggestions of how to reduce and eliminate dependency.

An Unhappy Soul Leads to an Imprisoned Soul

What exactly, causes an addiction?

cocaine-addictionThere are many reasons that people become addicted to something or someone – from chemical imbalances to recovery from surgery to emotional neediness, addictions – whatever form they take – are the soul’s attempt to heal itself.  The fancy term is “self-medication” – but someone in the throes of their addiction would probably call it “easing the pain”.  Whatever it’s called, the addict’s soul becomes locked in a self-perpetuating prison, where MORE (drink, drugs, clothes, work, etc) is never enough.

While addictions are extremely difficult to give up on one’s own and really require the help of a health professional and/or professional counselling, you can start to take control of your life by exercising a bit of self-care, e.g. exercise, a healthier diet, making new (sober) friends, etc.  We’ll take a look at healing crystals and how they can be helpful in reducing or even eliminating addictive behaviour.

Crystals to Remove the Monkey

Below are some suggested crystals which can help you find the inner resources needed to get the monkey off your back:

In Essence It’s Up to You

In part 2 of the Get that Monkey Off Your Back series, flower and vibrational essences to help combat addictions will be examined.