Accepting Praise Because You’re Worth It

Do You Have Praise-a-phobia?

beautiful-stencilled-on-drawn-handOver the past twenty years of living in the UK, there seems to be a particular phenomenon that I’ve almost come to see as a quintessential English personality trait – praise-a-phobia, that is a fear or dislike of accepting compliments!

It seems to be particularly acute … (More)

Good Brain Health: Nutrition is the Key

The Key to Good Brain Health: Are You Eating Well Enough?

Good brain health is not an accident — it is a choice.¬† Genetics and disease aside, what we eat can make a real difference in our brain health!
Did you realise that:
Brain health, cognitive function and memory … (More)

Dying to Look Good: Cosmetics and Breast Cancer

If You Can’t Pronounce It, Don’t Use It!

BreastCancerUKPosterThe amount of chemicals in cosmetics is truly astonishing — and all of them unpronounceable – I don’t know about you, but I like to know exactly what’s going in or on me! ¬†There are so many chemicals in common cosmetics these … (More)

Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes Pt 1

Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes Pt 1

Flower Petals and essential oil in bowlIn this 4-part series, Cool (& Natural) Ways to Stop Hot Flashes, we’ll look at ways you can help cool those hot flashes in an easy and drug-free way.

I recently read an article on the development of a drug … (More)