Spirit of Makasutu Essences

Spirit of Makasutu Flower Essences: A Healer’s Journey

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Author on the Beach in the Gambia

 I started on my journey as a healer in childhood – though I didn’t realise it at the time – I was always massaging relatives and pets as a child, and was drawn to plants.  My earliest memories are of my mother and I tending morning glories in a window box on our fire escape in New York City.  I was always happiest walking outdoors but, as fate would have it, I ended up being a banker.  I did well, but wasn’t particularly happy.

I came back to my desire to heal as the result of the terminal illness of my first husband.  I would give him reflexology treatments with lavender-scented lotion in the hospital, prompting one fellow patient to state he wished he had someone do that for him too – so I did!  I had finally found what would I at last recognise as my life’s work – healing.

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After qualifying as an aromatherapist with the Tisserand Institute, I also became attuned as a Reiki master, yet I still had the nagging sense that I didn’t have all the pieces of my particular puzzle.  A chance encounter with Bach Flower Remedies (at the request of my Reiki master – she requested I take Impatiens to calm me down!) made the final piece fall into place – it sparked a fire and the certainty that this, at long last, was what I was searching for.

As part of my new found passion for flower essences, I made two of them while on holiday with my husband in Gambia, West Africa – Pink Oleander and Prickly Pear. On returning to London,  I learned soon afterward that  Prickly Pear was helpful for pets who didn’t like


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being left alone or had been abandoned.  As it happened, I happened to have some with me to give to a colleague, when another therapist, with an old and very nervous dog, appeared.  I remembered the essence and we sprinkled some on the dog’s muzzle and paws.  He licked it off, sneezed, stopped trembling and flopped down to sleep!  It literally took seconds – and all of us who witnessed the event just shook our heads in awe.

Now I knew why other essences didn’t call to me – I needed to create my own essences.  Holidays in Gambia now meant researching, meditating and making essences – culminating in 30 essences, which I named Spirit of Makasutu, in honour of the sacred Gambian forest.  It felt right, that this tiny, gentle country, though poor in material wealth, was rich and strong in spirit. Here was healing coming from Africa instead of being in need of it.  As an African-American, I had truly come home with Spirit of Makasutu Flower Essences – in more ways than one!

Click on the slideshow below to see the flowers, trees and environments from which the essences were made: